Company Overview

Everything we do is underpinned and shaped by our values:

  • Trusted. We don’t ask for trust, we earn it.
  • Intuitive. We think with our customers.
  • Evolving. We evolve with the world around us.
    • LAVAPAY is created with the clients as the main focus, superb customer service and an easy to use flexible environment. A team, where the individuals have both worked in payment processing environments, as well as personally used various providers over the years, initiated the making of LAVAPAY and all are actively involved with the day to day management.
      LAVAPAY takes a step beyond the rest and instead of mostly focusing on the owners and their ideals, it has instead been designed to serve customers with the best tools for quick and yet safe instant online transactions.
      The LAVAPAY team members are all highly qualified and experienced in the online marketplace business, and payment processing field, they have vast and invaluable insight in legality matters, customer services as well as being professionals and are ready to deal with any and all possible obstacles along the way.
      We, the team, aim to see LAVAPAY as one of the top choices of online payment processors providers, and are all ready to work hard to achieve this goal. We want to provide a unique and hassle free service that stands above the rest. We are also anxious to get your feedback to improve even further in case there is something we have missed.
      We hope this message will encourage you to become a part of LAVAPAY today and be a part of a new start with a new business that will keep you and your needs in the main focus.