Exchange Partners

What is an E-currency Exchanger?

E-currency exchangers are intermediaries, or third party transfer services, that allow you to transfer funds easily from one e-wallet to another

For your security, use a LavaPay verified exchangers ONLY.
NEVER exchange funds with an unknown individual or company.

LavaPay practices zero tolerance toward accounts that are found to be participating in unauthorized e-currency exchanges or cashouts. This includes the exchange of funds between different payment systems, or the buying and selling of LavaPay funds. LavaPay complies with The UK and international anti-money laundering policies, which require us to verify our clients and keep records of all transactions. Therefore, all transactions into and out of our system are monitored closely. Unauthorized exchangers, or any account found to be operating outside of these procedures, will be suspended permanently, and all funds will be forfeited.

List of LavaPay authorized exchangers
If you'd like to transfer funds into or out of your LavaPay e-wallet from another e-wallet, you can do so using any of the exchangers listed above.

LavaPay performs due diligence on all its partners and performs ongoing transaction monitoring for transactions involving an exchanger.

Note: When transferring funds into or out of your LavaPay e-wallet using an e-currency exchanger, please allow for 24-48 hours processing time. If you attempt to transfer funds with an e-currency exchanger not authorized by LavaPay, you will be in violation of our User Agreement. As a result of the violation, your account may be terminated.

To keep our customers satisfied and the system remain profitable, we have set no commission fees to exchanger (commission is 0% to send and receive funds).

We work hard to build a great reputation, developing the most convenient and reliable payment system. Our company value long-term profitable relationships with business partners rather than a quick profit.

Exchanger's fee schedule



Send Funds 0% 0%
Receive Funds
from another exchanger
0% 0%
Receive payments 0.5% 0.5%
Withdraw Funds
via Wire Transfer 1.5% 1%
via Local Bank Transfer 0-3% 0-3%
via Bank Cards 0-3% 0-3%
via e-Wallets 0-2.9% 0-2.9%
Monthly Limits
Receive payments via checkout NO LIMITS NO LIMITS
via Withdraw Funds NO LIMITS NO LIMITS

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